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Business Accelerator


The Institute for the Global Entrepreneur (IGE) is accepting applications for our Business Accelerator.  The program offers UC San Diego startups primary access to partners and investors that can help fuel market traction or raise capital for scaling and expansion.  The Business Accelerator is the next step in IGE’s growing complement of programs developed to fast-track high-impact technologies and business ideas into the marketplace.

IGE Business Accelerator takes a matchmaking approach to create a custom program for the participants.  Our goal is to match you with the right fit of education, access to our venture partners and services along with a seasoned mentor will provide guidance through the process. Kicking off with a boot camp, the Business Accelerator is designed to last anywhere from 3 - 6 months depending on your business needs. Benefits of joining the program include but not limited to access to Venture Partners who take a hands-on approach to through a “First Look” process, access to our partner network (Legal, Business, etc.), seasoned, experienced business mentors/advisors, and new market entry assistance.  Become part of our network and have continued support long after your time in the Business Accelerator ends.

Business Accelerator

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    Applications Closed

Technology Focus Areas:

Healthcare & Biotechnologies

Devices, Materials, & Treatments to Advance Health & Science

  • Wearables, Diagnostics
  • Microbiome
  • Nanotechnologies
Energy & Environment

Green & BlueTech, Renewables & Smart Energy Alternatives

  • Materials, Energy Storage
  • Food & Resource Sustainability
  • Smart Manufacturing
Smart Transportation

Multi-modal Networks for Next Generation Transport

  • AI, Robotics, & Autonomous Systems
  • Machine Learning, AR & VR
  • Computing & Communications

Benefits of the program include:

  • Personalized mentoring and coaching from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts

  • Startup Skills Tune-Up - Deep Dive Market Analysis, Business Analytics, Finance

  • Learn to develop an effective business plan and pitch decks.

  • Access to Venture Partners - First Look investor dinners and presentations


  • Open to fairly established and Incorporated businesses of UC San Diego Alums Founders, Student, Faculty and Affiliated Startups
  • Pre-seed Funding- Good Management team, market and solution but little traction
  • Seed- early evidence of product/market fit and market traction
  • Post-Seed- same as above, tangible traction

Evaluation Criteria

Criteria include but not limited to:

  • Strong product/market fit 
  • Understanding your product and what makes it unique
  • Established business model
  • Well-rounded team and advisors
  • Understanding of competition, funding goals and financial projections



While IGE does not directly fund Business Accelerators, we will provide access to our investor network and help supplement the business preparedness through mentoring and educational programs.  Funding will be provided at three levels:

  1. Pre-seed- $250K- $1M
  2. Seed- $1M-$2M
  3. Post-Seed $2M-$4M

Intellectual property:

Participants must either own their IP or have it properly licensed.  Participants do not need to have University IP to be accepted into the program.