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Recent Teams

We offer customizable tissue culture devices to life science researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Our products enable the growth of more functional tissues for reliable results to streamline your research.

High-performance, conformal batteries to empower next generation technologies

Our device uses soft robotic technology to create a more capable retractor that surgeons can easily manipulate in the body and doesn’t require them to make extra cuts or incisions before or during the surgery.

Portable, rugged 3D printing and milling machine hybrid that brings precision manufacturing into the field.

For people concerned about sun, we offer a color-changing UV sensor to monitor your exposure to UV rays. Unlike our competitors that are not personalized or require complicated electronics, we use a cost-effective and paper-based sensor which changes from purple to colorless in the presence of UV light. Our sensors come in a variety of formats from wristbands to clothing inserts and are available for all skin types to offer a personalized solution for preventing sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer.


For the 116 million chronic pain sufferers in the US, NavegaPN7 is a sophisticated gene therapy for pain relief. Unlike conventional painkillers, the Navega therapy is highly specific to the pain source, it is non-addictive, and provides months of relief.

A patient-specific solution to monitor treatment progress of lower extremity conditions

Active Companies

Argo is an NFC and Blockchain Solution. Use NFC to exchange Contact Info effortlessly. Blockchain Network rewards content creators and upvoters.

Eliminating injury and preventing plateaus for weightlifters by directing weight progression, guiding set completion, and correcting form.

Using NASA-developed elastic technology, we provide aggressive workout enthusiasts the full-body muscle-building results of heavy gym equipment in a compact home-based system

As a dental lab service provider, we use 3D-printers and digital solutions to enable high-quality, affordable crowns and dentures for low-income dental patients.

For at-home geriatric patients, we seek to address 1) low care plan adherence and 2) poor communication with their clinical team and support network. Through an at-home voice assistant, patients would have a convenient, automated line of communication and care plan reminder system.

Our device uses artificial intelligence to autonomously create an online version of a class just by placing it in a classroom.

Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing in design, the Embrace protection against hip fractures, fall detection/alert , and continuous physical activity monitoring. The Embrace can be worn as a clip-on device, an outerwear or an integrated clothing so it can merge seamlessly into the user’s live. Moreover, Embrace includes a mobile platform where analytical information will be relayed to family members and caregivers so they can track the location in the event of an emergency.

Solving chemotherapy-induced diarrhea (CID) for colorectal cancer patients by using an engineered probiotic yoghurt that reduces the occurrence of CID and enables dose optimization and reduces treatment costs.

People want to have proper posture for many reasons, but I decided to focus on medical applications for use by chiropractors, pediatricians, and physical therapists. People forget when they slouch, and if they are gently reminded, their posture would improve

Painless, easy & inexpensive glucose monitoring for effective management of diabetes.

Alleviates new mothers’ postpartum depression and feelings of isolation by utilizing heart rate feedback to connect mother and child.

IOT Health will solve cost efficiency, quality data collection, and loss of life challenges in cardiac monitoring by introducing a wireless monitoring patch to be used by physicians in clinical settings.

Leaf4Tree is a technology company specialized in providing aerial & data services and equipments to the Oil and Gas Industry. Our mission is to lower 25% of our clients annual expenses on Survey, Operation & Inspection, by providing end-to-end drone solutions, 
including hardware, software and services.

Fresh and hassle-free meals at all day tasty/high-quality ingredients well suited for: flexible schedule and special diets.

A yerba mate, a real one like they drink in Paraguay - unsweetened, cold-brewed, with simple, natural infusions like chamomile, mint, and lemon. In every bottle of Mi Mate, we hope to bring to you some of what we experienced sharing tererè with Paraguayans in the bustling streets of Asunción, communities of the transchaco, or farms of the Alto Parana - the conviviality, the joy, the intimacy. Mi Mate is our portrait of tererè and all it represents.

High-performance, conformal batteries to empower next generation technologies 

A membership-based online life sciences retailer allowing for one-click purchases, funding management, detailed product comparisons, paired item discounts, and trackable fast shipping.

We are accelerating research and reducing error rates for customers such as small business and researchers by creating a simple, cost-effective automated biological sample processing robot.

A MultiFunctional Bracelet Empowering Women Against Sexual Assault. Salama provides a countermeasure to ward off assailants for women in developed 
countries, especially within the university environment .

Collision Reactive Armor for Football Helmets. Decelerate rotations using jamming tech. 

Protecting critical infrastructure for security forces by providing the first sensor platform to detect drones. The sensor in combination with a drone identification database determines if the drone is a threat or not.

We reduce the extent of grid outages and improve system reliability. Our solution utilizes both customer premises and utility assets to maintain power for a regional sub-network and projects a 25 to 35 percent improvement.

Long endurance solar UAV capable of addressing the lack of continuous aerial monitoring and real-time data collection of nationwide resources for the US Customs and Border Protection.

We provide active speech to text translation in real life. Allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate and engage in conversation.

SVA is a software platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze video content, generating more revenue for video-based social media companies by accurately and automatically tagging relevant ads

Medical device that reduces tremors by 45% for at least 20 minutes through a cooling process.

We double the productivity and revenue of truffle farms with a biofertilizer specifically designed for reliable truffle growth and faster time to truffle production

Vested is the ultimate tool for keeping your friends and family engaged in funding travel activities. By providing one platform in which everyone in the travel group can save up and view their progress towards their ultimate getaway with friends--we can simplify the planning process.

Enable safe, reliable, real-time tracking of implanted cell therapy products using standard imaging techniques available in most clinics

Artificial intelligent vision-based parking monitoring and management system:

We build robotic spacecraft that extends the life of satellites on orbit. Our service lowers the cost and increases the profit and cash flow for satellite operators.

Foot Traffic computed through cellphone signals present

Alumni Companies