The Institute for the Global Entrepreneur invites experienced entrepreneurs and industry leaders to join us in our mission to educate and mentor technology leaders. 

Role of Mentor

The NSF I-Corps™, Accelerator, Global Innovation, and GEA mentors are typically individuals who are entrepreneurs, industry experts, and/or have experience transitioning technology from research to market. Their role is essential in guiding and advising the teams as they determine their market value proposition as well as assisting with industry introductions.

The IGE NSF I-Corps™ mentor also provides feedback and updates to the I-Corps™ program manager on teams’ progress and program assessment. The IGE I-Corps™ mentors are expected to work with their teams at least 5 hours a week (including class time) as they provide meaningful guidance. The IGE NSF I-Corps™ mentor is not compensated, but often enough, there are opportunities in other internal programs where they are able to receive compensation.

The IGE Accelerator and Global Training Mentor are individuals with deep industry, investment, or entrepreneurship experience. They will share their knowledge and guidance freely and will open their networks when appropriate. Mentors are expected to work with the teams for a minimum of 9 months or longer as the team progresses. IGE Accelerators mentors are compensated for their time.

Other Opportunities

IGE mentors are often called on to participate in other activities within the UC San Diego Ecosystem which is thriving with startup and entrepreneurial activities. Activities such as Accelerator Review Panels, mentor office hours, or competition judges to name a few. 



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