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MedTech Accelerator

Accelerating Medical Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

IGE Virtual MedTech Showcase 2020

IGE hosted its first Virtual MedTech Showcase on May 20th, 2020. We highlighted our fantastic MedTech Accelerator teams who are innovating technologies ready to impact the healthcare industry to help patients and personnel!

Check out these teams:


What is the MedTech Accelerator?


Do you have an idea, concept, or design for any of the following:

  • Medical Devices & Diagnostics (FDA 510K devices, surgical solutions, materials science)
  • Digital Healthcare (consumer products, wearables, software solutions)
  • AI, Machine Learning, Healthcare Analytics
Have you developed a prototype or need help building a minimum viable product?
Would you like to learn how to launch your idea into the market?


If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a candidate for IGE's new IGE MedTech Accelerator. 
Our program is tailored to suit teams based on the stage of product and business development. No matter what stage your team is in, our program can help you understand how to navigate the complex process involved in bringing medical innovations to market.  


What We Do

  •  Support entrepreneurs working at the intersection of healthcare and technology

  • Our mandate: Make a significant impact by increasing the number of medical technologies translated to the marketplace

  • We support entrepreneurs as they develop, test and scale their efforts by providing access to advisors, investors, corporate partners, customers, regulatory know-how and clinical test facilities


What Stage Are You?

Medical Technologies progress through various stages from concept to launch.  We help teams through every stage of their development, regardless of the stage they are in.  During the review process of your application, we can determine where you fit in the program.  


Stage 1: Market and Clinical Need Validation

  • Learn all the steps to making and commercializing a medical technology

  • Customer Discovery

  • Business Model

  • Value Proposition

  • Product Definition and Concept Development


  MedTech Accelerator Bootcamp Curriculum - Stage 1


Stage 2: Build Minimally Viable Product, Prototype Development

  • Design and Development

  • Human Factors

  • Verification and Testing

  • Quality System Compliance

  • Robust Project Plan


Stage 3: Field Test and Clinical Validation, Prepare for Launch

  • Pilot Production

  • IRB and Regulatory Approval

  • Quality and Manufacturability

  • Clinical Plan

  • Reimbursement


Interested in joining the MedTech Accelerator? Applications for Spring 2021 Cohort due by February 22nd.  Apply here!


MedTech Accelerator Partners


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Galvanizing Engineering in Medicine (GEM) Program



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IGE is now accepting applications for the Spring Cohort!


Application Deadline: February 22, 2021

Teams will be notified by March 1, 2021

Cohort Runs March 10 through May 26, 2021, 

Wednesdays 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

All sessions will be conducted via Remote Learning through Zoom Video Conferencing.

MedTech Accelerator Bootcamp Curriculum - Stage 1

Past Cohorts:

Meet the Spring 2020 MedTech Cohort

Meet the Fall 2020 MedTech Cohort

Medtech Accelerator Goal:

To improve the manner in which MedTech innovations are developed and brought to market by streamlining processes, thus making healthcare more functional, accessible, reliable, convenient and less expensive.

Contact Us:

Please contact us at for more information.



Benefits of the Program:

  • Guidance provided by seasoned industry mentors
  • Access to resources for medical device development
  • Path-to-Market planning with domain experts and mentors

Eligibility-one or more of the following:

  • Teams consisting of University of California students, researchers, and faculty
  • Affiliation with UC San Diego 
  • UC San Diego Alumni
  • Viable Medical Technology startup teams

Evaluation Criteria - include but not limited to:

  • Addressing unmet need
  • Market size opportunity
  • Level of Competition
  • Product solutions


  • Access to grant funding
  • In-Kind resources including personnel support, materials and supplies, use of facilitates
  • Funding will be disbursed in tranches based on milestones
  • Network to external funding sources

Intellectual Property:

Projects involving university intellectual property (IP) require a disclosure with the Offce of Innovation and Commercialization (OIC), and any IP must be available for licensing. IP generated in the course of the accelerator program must be assignable to UC San Diego. If your technology originates from UC San Diego and you have not led disclosure with OIC, or if you have questions regarding intellectual property status, please contact OIC for discussion. Activities funded through the Technology Accelerator are subject to university IP policies and guidelines.